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I am a recovering artist. Family is established and on their way on their own paths of life. This allows my soul to revert back to what I love most - BEAUTY
My name is PhillyQ. I have been an artist since the age of 13 and grew up in a family of creative souls ranging from music to painting to dance. My exposure to varied and multiple mediums throughout my younger years has grown into a passion I love to share with all.
I am an artist of all genre's and have a wide range of creative interests. As a realist, my drawing style captures the expression of the subject as true to form. I have been commissioned in the past to create one of my most beloved subjects, babies.
Working with the digital promotion medium is fun and allows me to project what I perceive is a wanted result from any prospective client. I've created CD covers, band logos, web pages, and advertisement /promotions. All of which has lead to my current favorite format, Digital Art.
The freedom Digital Art allows me is exciting and I find myself able to channel the creative universe with depth and beauty. My work has been published in the Artist Catalogue, several local periodicals and has been consigned for product labels. My fans from across the globe have purchased prints in their homes, and a few have tattoos of my work, of which I am truly honored. Where my creative passion leads me into the future is hard to tell, but be certain I will be creating something of beauty in one form or another. How about JEWELRY :)


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